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Oct 16, Barred Owl. Photo: Mark Peck/Great Backyard Bird Count Its gravelly hoots carry far, and sound almost like a muffled foghorn from a distance.

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The Northern Saw-whet Owl may sound like co-co-co-co-co, which some people think sounds like a truck backing up. On migration they make a different note.

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While not all owls are nocturnal, many are and the noises they make are often heard in rural, wooded areas where they nest. These sounds include hoots.

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Feb 22, Owls emit a wide range of noises, some of which are easier to recognize than others. In hopes of making these moonlight crooners just a little.

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Young owls give piercing screams when begging for food, while adults may scream to defend the nest. Adults make an array of other sounds, including whistles.

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Most owls are nocturnal, and they use their voices to establish territories and attract mates in the dark. Several species begin nesting as early as midwinter.