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The question of how Gravity ends should be pretty simple (and if you Lee that for him "there was an ending and the ending was: She walks.

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(SPOILER ALERT: Don't read another word of this if you haven't seen “Gravity. If the end of “Gravity” is to be taken at face value, our heroine.

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Alfonso Cuarón Explains the Darwinian Ending of 'Gravity' gravity, space silence, and in-your-face 3-D. Now that the film is out, let's discuss that ending, WARNING: If you have not seen Gravity, please stop reading now.

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I thought the entire ending was clearly symbolic of rebirth, not death. The entire movie is gravity making her its bitch, and that at the end, she.

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Spoiler alert! Summer has finally come to an end on Gravity Falls–the series concluded How does it feel now that the series is over?.

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We're about to dive into massive spoilers for Gravity, so STOP Only the catch is, Kowalski's still dead, and Stone was – what? And it was Clooney who helped them with a rewrite, ending up with the scene in question.