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Select SUM(CASE When CPayment='Cash' Then CAmount Else 0 End) as CashPaymentAmount, SUM(CASE When CPayment='Check' Then CAmount Else 0.

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I would change the query in the following ways: Do the aggregation in subqueries. This can take advantage of more information about the table.

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SUM(CASE WHEN id>=10 THEN id ELSE 0 END) . New Book: Beginner Database Design & SQL Programming Using Microsoft SQL Server.

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I think you do not need the last column in your GROUP BY clause: SELECT dads-space.com, dads-space.comme.

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I'm trying to recreate the following SQL CASE statement in Tableau. SUM( CASE WHEN Goal_Met = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS Yes.

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See how easily you can learn how to use CASE WHEN with SUM by practising SQL queries online. Join over 30 users who finished Vertabelo Academy.

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SQL Related Articles: Sum Calculations in select statement and filtering based on SUM(CASE WHEN dads-space.com = 'Charge' THEN dads-space.com END) AS Charges.

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For some reason my sample output above posted vertically when I pasted it as a horizontil table, not sure why it did that. The output should.