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The entire narrative of the six-season "St. Elsewhere" was revealed to be the is one reason why the ending of St. Elsewhere has come to stand for the series.

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St. Eligius is reopened thanks to a new corporate owner, whose plans .. plans his last prank before turning 30; a man makes his final walk along Freedom Trail.

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Third-year surgeons end their residencies; Auschlander tries to keep the hospital open; Griffin places his St. Elsewhere (–) Season 6 | Episode

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6 Full Episodes. St Elsewhere Full Episodes; 22 videos; 7, views; Last updated on Dec 10, St Elsewhere S6E06 The He Man Woman Haters Club.

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This is the final scene from "The Last One", the 22nd episode (th sixth and final.

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St. Eligius reopens after the hospital is bought by the Fiscus pulls one last prank on Gideon before turning thirty; Morrison.

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The hospital's nickname, "St. Elsewhere", is a slang term used in the medical field In the pilot episode, surgeon Dr. Mark Craig (William Daniels) informs The show's main and end title theme was composed by famed jazz.

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St Elsewhere is one of my all-time favorite tv series and I would love to have all six seasons on dvd. is listed as a sponsored link on this page and.

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Watch St. Elsewhere - Season 6, Episode 22 - The Last One: The Craigs' reconciliation faces its first test; Drs. Auschlander and Gideon struggle.