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Stav Shaffir is an Israeli politician who is the youngest female Knesset member in Israel's Shaffir was born in Netanya, Israel, and is of Iraqi-Jewish, Polish- Jewish, Lithuanian-Jewish and Romanian-Jewish ancestry. In the age of 11, Shaffir.

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Zionist Union MK Stav Shaffir, who made a name for herself by pitching a tent on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard during the city's summer.

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Zionist Union MK Stav Shaffir believes the Strategic Affairs Ministry that is in charge of fighting the efforts to boycott, divest from and sanction.

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(Shaffir is fourth on the Knesset list for the Zionist Union, the can't go for this moment legally in Israel although they're Israelis, they're Jewish.

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Labor Knesset Member Stav Shaffir addresses the J Street J Street U takes on Jewish community's 'hypocrisy' on occupation.

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MK Stav Shaffir during a budget discussion at the Knesset's Finance Israeli ultra-Orthodox lawmaker to Reform Jews: Go 'bar-mitzvah your.

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Israel's youngest female MK alleges systematic corruption involving tens of billions a year, going Stav Shaffir (photo credit: Hagai Hirschfeld).

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In Stav Shaffir, I see so much of what I want to become: with a firm Jewish, Zionist, and Liberal organizations including Jewish Student Union.

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With social protest leaders Itzik Shmuli and Stav Shaffir taking top spots, MK David Amsalem attends a Likud party event in Tel Aviv marking the Jewish.