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Read the Omakase in Toronto discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Ontario IMHO, best nigiri sushi in town, especially the Shari.

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Read the Sushi Dojo Omakase NYC, Some observations + Brief review discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Manhattan food.

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I've enjoyed the omakase experience at Dojo, Kanoyama and Katsuei Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya and 15 East both serve Saturday lunch.

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Reservations necessary for Sushi Dojo? Will be in Manhattan next week and was wondering if reservations are necessary for Sushi Dojo around 6pm on a.

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The best splurge sushi restaurants in Toronto are havens of high quality fish and seafood that will have you exclaiming "oishii" after on.

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At the forefront of the second category is Japanese omakase (literally the two- hour-plus dinner at Sushi Dojo resembles omakase served at.

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Sign Up. Read the Shalala Japanese Ramen in San Francisco Japantown discussion from the Chowhound Ramen Dojo, South B St, San.

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There are many sushi and sashimi ingredients, some traditional and some contemporary. . Dojo (ドジョウ): Japanese loach; Ei (エイ): skate; Engawa (縁側): often referred as 'fluke fin', the chewy part of fluke, a flatfish .. "You Can Get Sushi Burgers In Toronto And They're Actually Amazing". Chowhound (11 July ).