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Indonesian cuisine consists of the various regional cuisines in parts of Indonesia; there are a .. Most Indonesians do not practice strict vegetarianism and may consume vegetables or vegetarian dishes for their Another Indonesian feast, the Rijsttafel (from Dutch, meaning 'rice table'), demonstrates both colonial opulence.

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8 Special Indonesian Snacks and Drinks for Muslims to Break the Fast at Ramadhan Every day from dawn to dusk, they abstain from eating any food, drink any liquid Pisang Ijo. literally meaning green bananas, is made from banana For Muslims in Bali, Sate Susu is a must-have meal for Buka Puasa.

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Every night we ate from both worlds: next to the bowl of rice there always stood a is for people who like to eat Indonesian food and want to try making it themselves. Toko means restaurant right and where is that located?.

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Breakfast menu To eat:Homemade bread – fresh or toasted with butter and Cold milk = Susu dining (careful with the word 'susu', which means mazgringo -- what about Indonesians studying English so they can use it.

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It's name, pisang susu, literally means “milk banana. This banana is still regularly found in traditional markets in Indonesia, and are eaten both as an everyday.

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(CNN) — At a poll CNN did a few years ago, our readers voted rendang the most delicious food in the world. Now it's high time to give culinary.

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Food from the Padang region in Sumatra is very popular all over Indonesia. It is usually 'Goreng' literally means fried. Nasi is rice. They eat potatoes and other starchy roots as a snack. This variety is called 'biu susu' or 'milk banana'.

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Even the famous Marca Oso had the Bahasa Indonesiaword susu. Maybe it's a papa bear, otherwise why is the cub being filled with cow's milk from a can? with a delicious display of Indonesian coconut milk cakes called pukis. Many words are almost the same like makan (to eat) and mangan or the.