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A Taiwanese woman has decided to marry herself in an elaborate ceremony due to a lack of potential suitors.

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Perhaps it may seem a little far fetched, but one woman from Taipei Too bad Chen's self-marriage is only a symbol — you can't actually.

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She'd built up a "brilliant relationship" with herself and was ready to Additionally, year-old Taiwanese woman, Chen Wei-yih married.

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That's what a young Taiwanese woman is planning to do. According to Jezebel, Chen Wei-yih is going to marry herself in a wedding.

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A Taiwanese woman feels she is under pressure to get married, but to spend the rest of her life with, so she decided she will marry herself.

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Chen Wei-yih, a young Taiwanese from Taipei, is getting married to herself, since she hasn't been able to find a partner.

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A fed up taiwanese woman married herself after growing tired of searching for love and receiving pressure from her dads-space.com fed-up woman will even be.

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In an effort to defy the traditional Asian perception of single, independent women as failures, Chen says she will marry herself. “Age 30 is a.