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If you think you have been exposed to someone with TB disease, you should contact your doctor or local health department about getting a TB skin test or a.

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A fact sheet on tuberculosis, including information on exposure to TB. two tests that can be used to help detect TB infection: a TB skin test or a TB blood test.

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Sep 18, Information on TB testing and treatment, including the tests for TB If you were exposed to someone with TB disease, you may become.

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I Have Been. Exposed to. Tuberculosis (TB). What do I do now? Where can I get a TB test? Testing for people who have been exposed to active TB disease only.

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A TB contact investigation uses a who were most intensely exposed and.

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Jul 31, These tests recognize the immune system's prior exposure and sensitization to the TB bacteria and result in a positive test after TB infection has.

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Jan 30, The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another . people who are ill increases your chances of exposure to TB bacteria. If you test positive for latent TB infection, your doctor may advise you to.