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De-restriction of the R50X is quite easy with a few tools, there is a how fast should it go when i cut the rev limiter and take the washer out?.

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I've got a 50cc myself. Restricted I would go 35mph but derestricted it could reach 47mph. Which is legal for my age. The derestriction allowed.

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Hello guys, ive recently for my 16th birthday got a TGB r50x.. i have Now im very interested in getting it faster, and making it look even better.

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It is not hard at all to remove the spacer once you have the right tools as a dealer for 2 brands of scoots besides TGB I have a R50X. . to sell a moped that goes fast. either way, it is easy to do and just save it and put.

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Strap it to the back of a flat-bed truck and get it to drive, or you could push it off a cliff Sorry, on a more serious note there are many ways to make a scooter go.

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Ever wondered how to derestrict 50cc scooter and make it go faster This Tutorial shows every restriction on 50cc scooter and how to remove it.

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The R50X from TGB redefines the 50cc scooter, declaring itself as a There is a keyed access hole to the spark plug and battery making enabling quicker entry speed into corners and giving the rider more confidence.

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Find out which scooters have a restricted CDI and what to do make your scooter go faster!.

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Find great deals on eBay for TGB R50X in Scooter Parts. Tapo 50,s 50, Hawk 50,Bullet 50cc (2 stroke). this cylinder kit 46mm will make your engine to 70cc. full Top End 70cc 2 FAST MOTO Adjustable Motorcycle/Bicycle Phone Mount.

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TGB R50X 50 50CC Scooter and Moped Batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Picking the right battery will help get your scooter or moped operational faster.