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The Empress of China is a Chinese television series based on events in 7th and Zhang Ting as Noble Consort Wei; Kathy Chow as Pure Consort Yang as Fang Xuanling; Zhu Xiaohui as Fang Yi'ai, Princess Gaoyang's husband; Sun .

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Kathy Chow Hoi-mei (Chinese: 周海媚; pinyin: Zhōu Hǎimèi; Jyutping: Zaau1 Hoi2 Mei6; born . , The Empress of China, Consort Yang. , The Cage of.

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year-old Kathy Chow outshines younger actresses in "The Empress of China" Kathy Chow Experiences New Popularity After “The Empress of China” Although Kathy has been in a stable relationship with her boyfriend.

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year-old Kathy Chow has broken up up with her boyfriend of 12 years, in 's historical period drama The Empress of China.

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Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow (周海媚), who received a resurge of in 's historical period drama The Empress of China.

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Unfortunately for Kathy, she had to bear the brunt of netizens' hate as her scheming heavenly empress character sows discord between the show's main couple (played by Chinese actors Deng Lun and Yang Zi). Netizens took it out on Kathy Kathy Chow supports friend's book launch. Filed Under: Kathy.