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The Silence planned to kill the Doctor, whom they believed was the only one who knew the answer to the Question. At one point, they attempted to do this by.

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which was a question the Doctor had been apparently running from his entire life. engineered priests (known as Silents) who used post-hypnotic suggestion to his name by going back in time and engineering events to kill him in his past.

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There have been points in Doctor Who's history where the show has “And in the finale, the Doctor's greatest secret will at last be revealed!.

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As with any good time travel series, Doctor Who shows us episodes where Since being shunted from the universe at the end of the last great.

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"The Last Question" is a science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov. It first from a desperate man who began, "Dr. Asimov, there's a story I think you wrote, whose title I can't remember—" at which point I interrupted to tell him.

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Do not read until you've seen Doctor Who series 7: The Name Of The Doctor [ SPOILERS] Gears of War Judgment Ending Cinematic (+ Final Boss) Or should that be Who is John Hurt, without the question mark. There's no.

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Doctor Who has a troubled relationship with continuity. plot points, and characters from previous incarnations get shuffled away to either . more than a few Doctor Who fans, who question why the Doctor couldn't go back to.