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The Who concert disaster occurred on December 3, when British rock band the Who . On the eve of the 35th anniversary of the tragedy, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley promised to have a historical marker on the site of the tragedy in.

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Pete Townshend of The Who throws his guitar in the air on stage at Madison Sqaure Garden in New York City in September, Michael.

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3, , 11 fans died during a stampede at Cincinnati's Riverfront Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were not told of the tragedy that .. What if they were still stuck in the same jobs, in the same towns and with hope in.

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On December 3rd, The Who's Riverfront Coliseum concert in Cincinnati, a choke point for the surge, and for those who fell, there was little hope of aid. . The episode aired little over two months after the tragedy, and.

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Folks hope to one day put-up a permanent memorial to those who died. who died, trying to get into The Who concert December 3rd,

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Eleven fans died on Dec. 3, during a stampede to the front of Riverfront Coliseum for a Who concert.

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Cincinnati Enquirer coverage of the Who concert incident on Dec. cell phones back in the day so it was a sit and wait and hope she comes home. Because, as you may remember, the Who tragedy occurred right in the.

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3, Who concert incident at Riverfront Coliseum that left 11 people dead. All Deny Blame F or Tragedy BY MARTIN HOG~N JR; EnquIr. "I know they're going to!eel bitter, I hope they know anythIng we couloj have done to avert It, we .

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A history of The Who in the year The Who - Substitute - Paris (1) . Tony Butler, John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Peter Hope-Evans and Neil Abbot. .. The article deals more with The Who's place in rock than the Cincinnati tragedy.