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Using Mike's voice, Mal thanks Zoey for bringing him to the finale and . first to the rock, pull out the sword, and win Total Drama All-Stars.

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Total Drama All-Stars is the first half of the fifth and final season of Total Drama, with the second half being Emilie-Claire Barlow, Courtney, 11/13 episodes This is the only season not to have the same team winning the first two challenges.

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Total Drama All Stars (–) Season 1 | Episode Previous · All Episodes (25) Episode credited cast: See full cast» See full technical specs».

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Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island are two episode segments that both . However, the runner-up is the winner in the other ending of the finale, as there are always two endings to Total Drama seasons. This season .

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Total Drama: All Stars - Episode 13 - The Final Wreck-ening. Total Drama All- Stars Episode 13 - Sneak Peek and Trailer + Extra. Total Drama All Stars Episode.

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Total Drama: All-Stars: Episode Alternate Ending (Zoey Wins). Total Drama All Stars Episode 13 The Final Wreck ening. Total Drama: All-Stars | The Final.