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This is a video response to CatMaria08 asking how to undo a captive ring in her eyebrow. Changing a Tragus Piercing! - Duration:

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How to Open and Remove a Captive Bead Ring all of us have to change our own jewelry and a trip to the piercing studio is just not realistic.

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Removing a captive bead ring from your piercing can be frustrating as hell. How To Open A Ball Closure Ring With Pliers Or Scissors tragus, snakebites etc, as long as you earring has a captive ball, use the info above.

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If you want to make your jewels in the form of rings (nose, tragus or septum hoops , earrings, etc) serve you for a long time, you have to know.

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The reason that they are called Captive Bead Rings is because the tension of the Larger gauge Jewelry(12g and up) may require ring expansion pliers to open the ring. Tragus Piercing Pros & Cons by a Piercer EP

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14K Solid Gold 20g Guage Round Open Wire Toe Ring Supplies Tragus Helix Cartilage Conch Nose Lip Hoop Piercing Ear Studs Earring For Women.