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View and download the instruction sheets for various Transformers toys from Transformers Crossovers Star Wars Tie Pilot Tie Bomber Instructions - added . 1st of September ; Transformers DOTM Air Raid Instructions - added .

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Air Raid is an Autobot Aerialbot and sometimes Cyberjet from the Generation 1 Super Robot Lifeform Transformers story pages; Scramble City: The packaging back and the instructions swap Air Raid and Skydive's names, but.

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Hey guys. I'm really happy that you found my channel and I hope you like my transformers:D. I'm also doing instructions for my transformers (of course I can.

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Results 1 - 48 of Includes instructions and hidden tire wheel gun. From a . 2 Transformers Universe Micromaster Aerialbots AIR RAID & RO-TOR NEW .. Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader Tie Advanced Fighter by Hasbro.

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Add the very first combiner team to your collection with the Transformers Combiner Wars G2: You get 6 Aerialbots for your collection, Silverbolt, Air Raid , Powerglide, Footwear · Keychains & Bag Accessories · Wallets · Hats & Hair · Ties & . 6 figures, poster, collector card, poster, accessories, and instructions; Ages 8+.

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This list has each Transformer listed by series and release date. . Air Raid - % complete Protectobots: (form Defensor % complete + instructions) .. series just as they were starting to tie in with & find the original G1 transformers.

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Results 1 - 48 of 67 Has instructions, Biocard and clippings from original box with package GOOD USED CONDITION APART FROM THE USUAL WEAR AND TEAR .. Transformers - Deluxe Air Raid Mechtech Weaponary DOTM - complete.