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The ultra DMA CRC error count indicates problems with the transfer of if the software finds any problems it will try to fix them automatically.

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So far, the Ultra DMA CRC Error Count has not changed since I But yes, that problem could have been caused simply by a cable problem.

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and the hdd usage is while gaming i've changed the sata cables but with no luck plz help me fix this More about ultradma crc error.

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This is apparently due to the Ultra DMA CRC Error Count going to 9 from a bad Is there some way to fix this without re-initializing the drive?.

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A UDMA CRC error is a cabling fault. It basiclaly means that what left the drive didn;t pass a CRC test by the time it had reached the.

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UltraDMA CRC Error Count S.M.A.R.T. parameter indicates the total quantity of CRC errors during UltraDMA mode. The raw value of this attribute indicates the.

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The first SSD shows an Interface CRC Error Count with a value of 76 in That number never changes so it means there is no current problem.

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in HDTUNE it shows Ultra DMA CRC Error Count-current worst-1 there was a problem causing the HDD not to function correctly, not the.