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Hi I have a petrol estate which over the past two or three weeks has developed a slight judder/hesitation whe depressing the throttle upon.

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Hi all, JUDDERING VECTRA CDTI, mainly in 2nd gear at I have had a it happen mainly as I begin to accelerate in second.

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Today my Vectra starting juddering and lost power when accelerating from 30mph to 50mph on a dual carriageway. I managed to get it to.

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This is a known fault on Vauxhalls. Tags: technical issues juddering. Looking for a garage you can trust? Honest John's Good Garage Guide.

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My problem occured at a particular rev range (about k) and was particularly noticable when accelerating in lower gears. Turned out to be a.

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Hi me mum has a vectra cdti and it seems to hold back, it feels like a judder and then clears, happens at most speeds but you notice more.

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vectra c sxi z18xe hi guys I have a problem with my vectra(lets begin lol the car sort of stutters in low revs when moving slowly like in.