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It can cause vertical diplopia, where one image is on top of the other. Is the double vision worse at the end of the day or when you're tired?.

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Dr. Burt Dubow explains potential causes of prolonged double vision or ghost for many reasons, including drinking too much alcohol or being overly tired.

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Learn more about the causes and many treatments of double vision. tired or having strained eyes can bring on temporary double vision.

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Double vision (medically known as diplopia) is where you see two images of a single object Signs that your child may have problems with their vision include.

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Learn about symptoms and causes of double vision, as well as treatments. It can be horizontal, where the images appear side-by-side; vertical, where the.

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I received a pair of glasses for my double vision but now I just see I did see an ophthalmologist, but he indicated that I probably just have tired eyes. markedly unequal sized, asymmetric optic nerves and no symptoms?.

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Top 8 Double Vision Causes; Possible Health Conditions Related to Double Vision glares and halos at night, streaking of lights, and blurred or double vision. of the neck and eyes, bulging eyes, and vertical double vision in both eyes.

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Read about double vision (diplopia) symptoms, diagnosis, testing, and treatment. to each other (horizontally, vertically, or obliquely) or overlapping. of binocular double vision is relatively harmless, such as when fatigue or.