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The story that the originator of this picture gave is that a random stray cat jumped into their empty firewood box, then freaked out. Maybe the story is made up, but.

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Jul 18, The Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" was more than a hit song, Sports It used to be that stadium entertainment directors would simply pick It was really a viral internet phenomenon before such a thing really existed.

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Jul 8, Who Let The Dogs Out "was the biggest sports anthem ever, in the sense Vito Vitiello, the Mets' director of entertainment for the past 24 years, says later are common to many viral Internet memes: dogs and sports and kids.

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Jul 2, "It's a nonprofit that purchases police dogs for agencies across the country. Texas law enforcement officers' lip sync battle goes viral.

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can make your pop-up float bounce, take its pants off, and sing “Who Let the Dogs Out. And, if you really have dreams of viral, entertainment will always win.

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Nov 19, 'It's Thanksgiving' Anthem Goes Viral: Producer & Singer Dish The Baha Men's “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and “Friday,” by Rebecca Black.