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Basic barbecued chicken halves, finished over direct heat. Here's an easy barbecued chicken that requires no attention to the cooker's temperature. It's a good choice for your first cook in a new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

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Beer cans serve as vertical roasting racks for these chickens barbecued on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

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Tender, well-rendered chicken skin worth eating is achieved using a high-temp roasting method in the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

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I have a WSM I am thinking I can get at least 12 chickens in there and I will monitor temp of the chickens during the cook and before I pull.

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Im going to smoke a 2 whole chickens tomorrow on my 18 WSM. What the Check out this recipe from the Virtual Weber Bullet website. This is.

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Virtual Weber Bullet is a great online resource dedicated to cooking with a Weber Smokey Mountain. You can find a Smoking chicken on Weber Smokey Mountain. If patience . Thread any cables through the top vent hole.

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Now for your chicken I would smoke it whole too. I do them all the time. I like mine just straight in the grates. I keep my smoker at about.