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Anyone know what I need to check to find out why the rear right tail lights are dim but work fine otherwise on my 64 bug? I orderd a new bulb.

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so i have a gli t jetta and im having problems sometimes, when i brake my headlights go dim or when i brake and have my heater on ill.

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head lights - We just bought one and the dim lights are, well, dim. peppermentpatty Aug 04, at PM about the Volkswagen Beetle all the lights work even the trunk brake light, but the brake lights on pumper dont come on.

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Also while driving, when I press the brake, the headlights dim then go back to normal intensity. This happens everytime I press the brake even.

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Here are the signs that will warn you about a potential issue in your Volkswagen's headlight bulb harness and ways to prevent the issue.

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See photos of the Volkswagen New Beetle . Radio, Brake Lights, Running Lights, Pwr Windows, Pwr locks, Pwr trunk, Usually when you have a dim bulb like you are describing it is getting it's ground through another bulb.

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I own a VW Beetle, I was pulled over by the State Police I looked on bob drake website the I found on blind high power were light and turn signal I need brake light turn . - 72 and yes it had dim tail lights with the factory spec bulbs. Showed the officer the new law and everything was fine.

sakset symboli word whomp is the premier Volkswagen Beetle Forum on the internet. So, my noticing that the brake lights "seemed dim" was due to the.

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Volkswagen Beetle - '72 Standard Beetle Dim Tail, Turn, Brake Lights - I guess I' m not getting enough power to them. The last owner baja'd the heck out of it so I.

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Volkswagen Beetle Brake Lights Not Working. When Brakes Are Pressed Fuse Is Blown. When Brake Is Applied Running Lights Dim.