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During heavy rain, our boiler leaks water out the bottom. I think rain must be getting blown into the flue – is this a big deal? I mean aside from being a pain in the.

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My boiler is leaking all over my kitchen everytime it rains heavily! Could it be water running off the guttering above the flue and if so, is there.

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Upon inspection I've found water to be running down from the very top of the water to drain out before it enters the house under heavy rain? if water is leaking out of the flue inside the house what else is leaking out of it?.

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So I've had 3 British Gas engineers out as water is dripping from under the boiler when it rains. All 3 have said the water is coming in from the.

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I am getting rain water dripping through the bottom of the boiler, I am sure it is coming in from the outside flue pipe. - Answered by a verified.

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Not only is a problem already visible, a boiler leaking water is likely to be causing damage to internal Please bear in mind, to get your leaky boiler repaired, you should always use a Gas Safe engineer. Has it been raining heavily? If it has.

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Discuss Rain ingress through boiler flue in the Central Heating a wet patch below the boiler, and multiple drops of water under the boiling casing. it was a leak), and he just said it was just rain due to the freak weather, and.

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Make sure you don't run water into the boiler air intake instead of the flue outlet. No rain today and no leaks, so definitely rain water.