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There's no point calling yourself a gentleman if your bedroom resembles that of a student man-cave. It's time to throw out the 90s band posters, FHM tear-outs.

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Like his personal style, the space a man lives in says a lot about him. That's not to say you need a slap-up multi-room wireless speaker.

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men's bedroom A well-stocked bedroom is essential. Shutterstock The bedroom — it might just be the most important room in your whole.

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25 Items Every Man Needs in His Apartment . kicks is impressive, the tower of shoeboxes you've errected in the corner of your bedroom isn't.

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Below you'll find 30 ideas for items that every bachelor pad needs so you'll be to double as an accessory in the living room or as a comforter in the bedroom.

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A man's bedroom might just be the most precious space in the entire house. It is because it is where a man sleeps and relax after a tiring day.