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You can use the word mess after someone says or does something that's embarrassing, stupid, pathetic, ridiculous, or weird. Honestly can be used after a lot of.

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A messy love is a teenage girl who tends to be giggly, intoxicated, and clumsy when hooking up with guys. Some qualities that differentiate them from normal.

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mess definition: 1. Something or someone that is a mess, or is in a mess, looks dirty or untidy: 2. an animal's solid waste: 3. a situation that is full of problems.

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They say that many of the world's great geniuses were very messy. Einstein's and Mark Being saturated by objects means that you're saturated by ideas and unresolved projects. Messiness Seven Keys to Find Love Again.

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Love is messy. Love is vulnerability, and vulnerability means imperfection. It's you showing the parts of yourself that aren't beautiful. It means.

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Messy definition: A messy person or activity makes things dirty or untidy. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.