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Find out which my little pony princess you are without sad obvious questions! Calculating Results Embed. Facebook Comments.

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Which one will you be? The Princess of the Sun, Moon, Crystal Kingdom, or Friendship. Find Out! Calculating Results Embed.

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Some want to know which Alicorn princess they are and I have given it to you! out if your Luna,Celestia,Cadence,or Twilight in this quiz you will figure out there .

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These are the princess alicorns from my little pony. Ok my questions rant the best cause you run out of things to ask plus it is a lot of work to make a quiz.

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The golden midday, warm and welcoming. Sunset and sunrise; it's breathtaking. Twilight and night; the stars are incredible. It doesn't really.

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Are you intelligent and rise the sun like Celestia? Do you rise the moon and help people solve their fears like Luna? Do you spread love.

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This quiz will tell you what you are (like pegusas, Alicorn, Unicorn, or Earth an accurate quiz to see which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic princess you are.

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You could be Luna, Celestia, Cadence, or Twighlight. Take this quiz! What is your favorite film? In one word, describe your personality. What is your favorite time.

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Which Alicorn Princess are you? MLP: Princesses Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence And Princess Twilight. Mlp QuizPrincess CadenceMy.

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Find out which my little pony princess you are without sad obvious questions!.