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These small bundles of meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves are a favorite and frozen between layers of waxed paper or plastic wrap and will keep for a.

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The best grape leaves for stuffing are young and tender. They are packed in tight bundles, wrapped in plastic, and sent to the freezer.

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I've always loved dolmas - they're such a healthy and delicious In the past, I used to just grab a plastic container of pre-made dolmas at the grocery store. In this post, I'm talking about the rolled grape leaves filled with rice.

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Then roll the bottom of the leaf over the filling and continue to roll, holding the sides in, until you've rolled the dolma completely and no filling is.

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Stuffed grape leaves are a classic Greek dish so follow along with our step-by- step directions for The Art of Perfectly Rolled Grape Leaves.

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Generally grape leaves are picked from wild vines. leaves by freezing them, without washing them, in stacks wrapped well with plastic wrap.