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PDF | On Jan 2, , Okechukwu Utazi and others published THE CHOICE OF EXCHANGE RATE REGIME IN NIGERIA.

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1. Exchange Rate Misalignment under Different Exchange. Rate Regimes in Nigeria. 1. Sunday N. Essien, Stephen O. U. Uyaebo and Babatunde S. Omotosho.

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Studies on topical issues affecting the Nigerian economy are published in order to Hard Exchange Rate Peg (Fixed Ex change Rate Regimes)

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The three distinct exchange rate regimes of Nigeria were subjected to Autoregressive Integrated Moving. Average (ARIMA) modeling in order to compare them.

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Abstract. This paper examined determinants of the choice of the exchange rate regime in Nigeria using a time series approach. Both multinomial logit and.

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ISSN (Paper) ISSN (Online). Vol.7, No, The Impact of Exchange Rate Regimes on Economic Growth in. Nigeria. Kenneth O.