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and environmental standards for use in foundation walls, internal walls, acoustic .. Standard texture blocks are not intended for fair-faced facing or paint-grade.

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Medium density fine textured blocks in Fair-Faced, Paint-Grade and Standard block finish. • For use internally and externally above and below ground.

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High strength blocks from to 30N/mm2. •. Standard, Paint Grade and Fair Faced finishes. •. For use internally and externally above and below ground.

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Architectural masonry provides a decorative facing concrete block with design fair faced, split and textured, which is often used in healthcare, education.

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Masterdenz Fairfaced concrete building blocks offer an economical solution to undecorated masonry walls. The use of carefully selected aggregates gives a.

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Where the word approved is used in this specification, this means that the . Before any fair faced block walls are commenced the Contractor shall provide for.

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Elite manufacture Kentledge interlocking concrete 'lego' blocks used throughout the Fair-faced Class D sound absorbing masonry block for indoor sports and.

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delivery, that batches of bricks and blocks used have the required minimum crushing strength as Also particular attention must be paid to facing bricks and fair.

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of course you can use concrete blocks or brick to build a wall. or a .. Are your walls to be rendered or is it facing brick, and it the structure.

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Fairface masonry offers a quality finish, dimensional stability, a range of natural colours and economy against competitive materials. Request a brochure or.