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An interpretive rule is a document produced by the agency to explain regulations it has promulgated or to explain the meaning of a statute that it administers.

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Interpretive rule is a rule issued by an administrative agency that only clarifies or explains existing laws or regulations. These rules need not meet the requirements set out in the Administrative Procedure Act for notice to the public and opportunity for comment. An interpretive.

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The federal APA categorizes administrative rules as legislative rules, interpretive rules, procedural rules, and general statements of policy. Interpretative rules.

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Interpretive Rules. Unlike a legislative rule, an interpretative rule is not an attempt to make new law or modify existing law but rather instructs as to what an.

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Interpretive rules are treated differently. The APA provides that the notice-and- comment requirement “does not apply” to interpretive rules, and.

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· Interpretive Rules of General Applicability and Statements of General Policy · Download · · Strengthening the Informational and Notice-Giving.

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Whether a federal agency must engage in notice-and-comment rulemaking before it can significantly alter an interpretive rule that articulates an.