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4- and 5-letter words that start or end in JQXZ. OWL 4-letter words. apex buzz calx chez coax crux ditz doux eaux falx faux fizz flax flex flux friz futz fuzz geez hadj.

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The four tiles with the highest value in Words With FriendsĀ® are J, Q, X, and Z. If However, it is generally not good to hold onto a JQXZ tile for turn after turn.

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Learning a handful of words such as 2 and 3 letter words as well as short vowel heavy words and JQXZ words will go a long way towards improving your score.

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This page lists short JQXZ words that are in the International Collins Scrabble Words (CSW15) but not the North American OTCWL

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JQXZ Short Words. Being able to maximize the value of high-scoring tiles is one of the most important facets of any word game. This list of short words will unlock .

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Hello, I have had the same challenge for the past 3 weeks and am not understanding it. It's 0/4 JQXZ words, I've spelled several words.

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J, Q, X, Z Words (2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words). Updated with OWL2 words (new words BOLD), effective: 1 March JO. HAJ. JAB. JAG. JAM. JAR. JAW. JAY.