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The recipe calls for maguey leaves, the leaves from the agave plant, and if you haven't cooked with them before, it's time to give these.

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Maguey leaves are large in size and long, thick, and pointed in shape, about ten centimeters wide and can grow up to meters in height. The dense leaves.

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Scholars seek clues to the Prehispanic importance of the hearty maguey in Oaxaca's small--all generally have long, sturdy leaves bordered with sharp spines.

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Maguey, any of several plants in the Agave genus (family Asparagaceae), especially A. americana, and the fibre obtained from its leaves. A. americana is.

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Agave is a genus of monocots native to the hot and arid regions of Mexico and the The succulent leaves of most Agave species have sharp marginal teeth, an Common names include century plant, maguey (in Mexico), or American aloe.

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Maguey may refer to various American plants: Genus Agave, mezcal; especially. Species Agave americana, century plant. Genus Furcraea, a source of natural.

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Posts about medicinal use of maguey written by Survivor. Pencas (leaves) were dried to burn as fuel or overlaid for roofing. The sap was.