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These premium quality sterile eye dressings from HypaCover deliver comfortable protection for eye injuries, protecting from dust & grime from just 85p!.

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Each sterile eye dressing is highly breathable whilst offering protection from dust and grime, reducing the risk of infection. With a range of options available, and.

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The eye dressing pad is open at the sides and is highly absorbent. The core is % cotton gauze. It can also be used to apply pharmaceuticals to the eyes.

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Prevent further injury to injured eyes with First Aid Only Sterile Eye Pad. Sterile eye pads are ideal for protecting the wound from infection or strain.

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No 16 Eyepads, HSE Eye Dressings for First Aid at Work. then an Eye Dressing should be applied to prevent further use of the eye Sterile and Wrapped.

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eye. Wound Care. Start your wound care on. Keep the dressing clean and dry not let the Telfa dressing rub your eye. 7. Use sterile eye lubricating ointment.

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A dressing can have a number of purposes, depending on the type, healing of the wound by providing a sterile, breathable and.