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A symporter is an integral membrane protein that is involved in the transport of many differing symporters/antiporters that specifically allow only one charged hydrogen ion (more commonly known as a proton) and one charged K+ ion.

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An antiporter is a cotransporter and integral membrane protein involved in secondary active See also[edit]. Uniporter · Symporter · Facilitated diffusion.

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Section Cotransport by Symporters and Antiporters. Besides ATP-powered pumps, cells have a second, discrete class of proteins that import or export ions.

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Cotransport proteins (symporters (B), and antiporters (C)) catalyze the movement of one molecule against its concentration gradient (black circles), driven by.

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Uniport (a single substance, moves in a single direction); Symport (two substances, moves in the same direction); Antiport (two substances.

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What is the difference between Symport and Antiport? In symport system, two molecules move in the same direction; in antiport system, two.

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This Co-Transport can be either via antiport or symport. Antiport or Counter- transport means that 2 different molecules or ions are being.

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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Uniporters, symporters and antiporters | Transporters are a diverse group of membrane proteins that facilitate the.