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The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States .. night blue has become the identifying color for the Democratic Party while red has become the identifying color for the Republican Party.

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Since the United States presidential election, red states and blue states have referred to states of the United States whose voters predominantly choose either the Republican Party (red) or Democratic Party (blue) presidential candidates. The parties themselves had no official colors, with candidates variously using.

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Political colours are colours used to represent a political party, either officially or unofficially. In Belize, blue is the color of social democratic People's United Party. In Belgium, blue is associated with liberalism, used both by the Open Flemish.

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So in my opinion, since the lighter blue is also a democratic color, and since the User:Spartan7W made a significant change to Template:Democratic Party.

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This original color scheme was based on Great Britain's political system, which used red to denote the more liberal party. However, other.

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Blue of course symbolizes the Democratic party, while red Of course, there has always been color-coding in individual political campaigns.