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This is hard to calculate with, so a normal year has been given days and a leap year days. In leap years, February 29th is added as leap day, which.

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Since the tropical year is days long, a leap year must be added roughly once every four years (four times the fractional day gives). In a leap year, .

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The Gregorian calendar, which now serves as the standard calendar for civil use throughout the world, has both common years and leap years. A common year.

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A leap year has days, as opposed to a common year, which has We add a leap day – February 29 – nearly every four years.

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A leap year is a calendar year containing one additional day added to keep the calendar year Every year that is exactly divisible by four is a leap year, except for years that are exactly divisible by , but these centurial years are leap years .

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February 29, also known as leap day or leap year day, is a date added to most years that are divisible by 4, such as , , , , and A leap.

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There is a leap year every year whose number is perfectly divisible by four - except for years which are both divisible by and not divisible by