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Global winds and ocean currents are responsible for distributing global heat, which directly affects continental climates. To understand how these currents form.

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An ocean current is a continuous, directed movement of sea water generated by a number of forces acting upon the water, including wind, the Coriolis effect.

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National Ocean Service's Education Online tutorial on Corals? Atmospheric circulation and the Coriolis effect create global wind patterns including the trade.

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Ocean currents are mostly not created by wind. While wind can play a role, often minor, in shaping surface ocean currents, it is not the main or.

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Match each fact with the component of the climate system that it belongs to. Key Terms Climate system – the complex set of systems that interact with each other.

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One example of a wind-driven circulation affecting an ocean current is the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream takes very warm water from the Gulf of Mexico and parts .

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This animated visualization was created for the planetarium film 'Dynamic Earth'. It illustrates the trail of energy that flows from atmospheric wind currents to.

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These surface winds play a large role in driving ocean currents. The ocean currents act as a sort of conveyor belt; they carry warm water and precipitation from.