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(I know what you're thinking, and yes, this question again). (choose Head captain, Yamamoto, orders you and your division to battle. What do.

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Let's see which Captain you are, shall we? Don't TRY to get your captain, just answer how you would normally would (Its more fun this way).

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Which division captein would you be in the Bleach Manga/Anime? (Aizen, Ichimaru and Tousen included, i HATE Amagai, so he's not in the quiz) Take this quiz!.

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Who would you be if you were chosen to be at the top of Gotei 13? Sorry this quiz is kinda long but its my first one too so dont freak and cus me out because.

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Discover what bleach captain your most like. Take this quiz! How old are you? How many friends do you have? How do you spend free time? What bests.