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Camcorders are designed to give you everything you need to take amazing videos. To get an idea of what types of camera vloggers use (at the time of this These are ideal for vloggers who do interviews and conduct demonstrations.

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Ever wondered what cameras do famous YouTubers use? However, he mainly uses a camcorder for the videos he records from home, the Canon XA

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That's because most camcorders have one (although not all of them do). That's a big advantage over many of the cheaper point and shoot or.

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3 PewDiePie – Canon XA10 Camcorder. Sale. Our #3 Pick is the Canon XA10 Camcorder.

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The best video cameras for YouTubers will have a wide ranging zoom . on many Sony camcorders, but it does have a a threaded lens front.

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What is the best video camera or camcorder for filming HD YouTube videos? If you're How much do you have in your video camera budget?.

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From budget to professional camcorders for YouTube, we reviewed 8 to have to deal with a camera that takes more work to start than it does.

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Action cams are the best fit for bloggers who want to do vlogging on the . Zoella, a famous Youtuber uses the same camera in her professional setup It offers everything you could want in a camera/video camera at a fairly reasonable price.