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This is when cars with a small turning radius shine. A car's turning radius is the tightest circle it can make with the steering wheel turned full to one side or the.

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If I was to hazard a guess, I would say the london black cab. Yes, for those who do not know, the London taxi is a specifically purpose built vehicle made by a.

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Personally I think it's between the aftershock and the octane but I can't tell. Anyone know for sure including all the download cars?.

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and i didnt try to waste your time, i asked what car type has the smallest turning radius. didnt think that would be hard to understand the point of the thread. look.

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Many also boast superb maneuverability, thanks to their small turning circles. A car's turning circle is the full diameter of the smallest circle it's.

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When it comes to cars, the smaller the turning circle, the better the maneuverability. These 14 sedans have the smallest turning circles in the.

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The turning radius or turning circle of a vehicle is the radius of the smallest circular turn (i.e. term rather than a numerical figure. For example, a vehicle with a very small turning circle may be described as having a "tight turning radius ".

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Getting a car with a good turning radius is becoming ever more important for many homeowners today who face difficulties reversing from their driveways or lack.

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For technical reasons, larger vehicles with a longer wheelbase, such as a mid- size saloon, tend to have a larger turning circle than small cars.