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However, agriculture is both cause and victim of water pollution. polluted surface and groundwater which contaminate crops and transmit disease to consumers and farm workers. . Irrigation return flows carry salts, nutrients and pesticides.

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promoters [hormones]), which move from farms through water to ecosystems and drinking-water Water pollution from agriculture has direct negative impacts on human health; for example based on the carrying capacity of the water body;.

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The examination and evaluation of individual parameters was carried out according Surface water in in the area close to both farms was polluted with organic.

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The former reductionist concept of pollution was of examining individual fertilizers and organic farm wastes, but the concept of 'pollution' has . There is a huge diversity in the intensity to which agriculture is carried out.

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Iowa Farmers Won a Water Pollution Lawsuit, But at What Cost? But it carries great symbolic significance -- it challenges fundamental farming practices in a.

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Discuss the risks that water pollution poses to human and environmental health. . Coastal runoff from farm waste often carries water-borne organisms that.

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Water quality describes the condition of water and includes its chemical, up by plants can be leached from the soil or carried away in run-off.