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Anything that blurs a child's vision or causes the eyes to cross or turn out may result in lazy eye. Common causes of the condition include.

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Amblyopia is a condition in which one of your child's eyes has poorer vision that the other. WebMD explains symptoms and treatment.

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This makes the lazy eye work more. Atropine is usually less conspicuous and awkward for the child, compared with a patch, and can be just as.

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The symptoms described above may not necessarily mean that your child has amblyopia. However, if you observe one or more of these symptoms, contact your .

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Some of the most common causes of amblyopia include various forms of strabismus (misalignment of the eyes), uncorrected refractive errors, newborn cataracts.

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Find out about lazy eye (amblyopia), including how to tell if your child has it, when to get medical advice, what causes it and how it's treated.