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causes misfiring. Remedy: Fit new spark plugs since cleaning the old ones is pointless. Formation of ash. Heavy ash deposits on the insulator nose resulting.

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Appearance: Centre and/or ground electrodes are rounded and the gap is excessive. • Cause: General wear (spark plug has come to the end of its life).

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Re: Ash deposits on sparkplugs Ford [Re: toeout] # If the ash didn't cause any problem as you ran the first set of plugs down to.

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Lead fouling generally shows up as yellowish brown deposits on the spark plug's insulator nose. Lead fouling can cause your engine to misfire.

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A black, feathery carbon deposit on your spark plugs can be an indication of a weak spark or an overly rich fuel mixture. Causes may include a stuck choke.

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The plugs are lightly fouled with a hard white ash Not all oil-burning trucks leave huge sooty deposits on the plugs. I would do nothing.