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You should respect your elders, but out of my group I am the eldest, so people should show me respect, right? In the past, I was obedient, but lately I've had just had enough with all their rules and hypocrisies. Tags Personality Anime & Manga Hetalia France England Germany N.

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What do you think of the world, are you peaceful,a bit defensive of it, agressive, your personality, well your about to find out what you are after u take this quiz.

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Can we guess based on your answers to the following questions what country you are from? Our only options are Canada, Mexico, United States, Great Britain, .

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There are countries in the world, so Kidzworld wants to know how many nations you can identify. Get ready to show us how well-traveled you are!.

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Answer these 10 questions to find out once and for all, are you Harry, Ron, Hermione? Or are you Test Your Hogwarts Knowledge With Our Harry Potter Quiz!.