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Dorset. Durham. Essex. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Herefordshire We know the names of precious few stonemasons and amongst that precious few you can The only stone structure in a mediaeval town was likely to be the church.

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Masons in Medieval England were responsible for building some of the guild was sometimes referred to as the Free Masons as 'free' stone.

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Stone buildings and stonemasons went together in the Middle Ages. Stone was an expensive material to use, even if it was quarried locally.

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More stone was excavated in those three hundred years than at any time in Ancient Egypt The builders way to approach a problem was very medieval. and which is found in a wide strip of the country, stretching from Dorset to Yorkshire.

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Webster is a stonemason at a stone quarry in Purbeck, Dorset. . dropped down so much that it would be unrecognisable to a medieval mason.

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for stone-workers: (i) evidence of masons' names (ii) stone . some parts of England had been greater in medieval times .. Dorset. Perhaps the most famous quarries of this kind of stone were those at Barnack in Northamptonshire, from.