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Andrew the Apostle also known as Saint Andrew and referred to in the Orthodox tradition as the . The skull of Saint Andrew, which had been taken to Constantinople, was returned to Patras by Emperor Basil I, who ruled from to . prevent witches from flying down the chimney and entering the house to do mischief.

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In fact, he discovered Jesus before his brother Peter did. Indeed, he was 5) What do the Gospels reveal to us about St. Andrew? There are.

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How did the bones of Saint Andrew come to Scotland? At the time Saint Rule landed, the Apostle appeared to the Pictish King, promising Whatever route the bones of Saint Andrew may have taken, we do know that in AD.

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Scotland celebrates St Andrew's Day on Monday, with a bank holiday and festivities across the country. Considered Jesus' first disciple, Andrew did not become the official patron saint of You can form your own view.

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Discover facts about St Andrew - Scotland's patron saint. Andrew was one of the original 12 apostles of Christ, and the brother of another apostle, Simon Peter .

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Today, if you look closely at a picture of the flag of Scotland, you will see the X- shaped cross that recalls St. Andrew the Apostle. His feast day is.

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St. Andrew, also called Saint Andrew the Apostle, (died 60/70 ce, Patras, Achaia [ Greece]; feast day November 30), one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and the.

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Discover ten fascinating facts about St Andrew - Scotland's patron saint. Did you know that along with Scotland, Saint Andrew is also the.

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St. Andrew, also known as Andrew the Apostle, was a Christian Apostle and In September , Pope Paul VI had all of St. Andrew's relics that ended up in.