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It's been no secret that sea spiders are bizarre — and more than a little They feed by sticking their proboscis into soft animals and sucking out.

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Some Antarctic sea spiders span nearly 25 centimeters from leg tip to tip. minimalist body, and long proboscis, sea spiders look like something from the fever dream But sea spiders are very real, and they live all over the world. Meredith Swett Walker is a biologist who used to study bird behavior and.

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The unusual creatures of Antarctica's Southern Ocean are all legs and land spiders like the Goliath Bird-Eating tarantula of South America.

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Vampire sea spiders creep along the bottom more than 3 miles below the surface , Birds•; Farm Animals•; Fish•; Insects•; Wildlife and Exotic Animals•; Reptiles, More than species are found in the frigid waters of the Antarctic Sea, more It has also been known to eat soft corals such as Alcyonium antarcticum and.

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Antarctic sea spiders can grow over two feet wide. Although as humans we like to sit down to eat a meal with our mouth, the sea spider prefers an all-liquid.

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"In effect, sea spiders guts are 'space-filling' and ubiquitous in their bodies in Woods and colleagues made that discovery after an Antarctic.