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If you are working in the banking industry, you need to dress in such a way that It is compulsory for men to wear ties when working in a bank or any other.

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How to show your tribal allegiance when you work in banking. "Ties are usually only worn to meetings (seniors might wear ties all the time.

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There's a quick way to kill your career in banking. It shows you are hungry and hard working. You can be wearing a low-key suit and a well-tailored shirt, but it will get you nowhere if sit all hunched-up, or talk so that no.

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It is not common for bank tellers to wear a suit jacket when working. However, if you are interviewing to be a teller, you should. This is also true for women who.

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Business Insider spoke to bankers at Citi, Credit Suisse, HSBC, ING and a Spanish institution to find out what people are really wearing to work.

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Suits are the customary dress for the banking industry. Bankers wear ties, usually matched with white long-sleeved shirts. Banks in warmer To remain on the safe side, stick with conservative ties that match the serious nature of your work.