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Crossed swords may refer to: ⚔, a Unicode glyph (u+) for killed in action, part of the Miscellaneous Symbols Unicode block; Crossed Swords (video game) .

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You get nemesis status by either getting killed or killing a certain person 3 times in the same match. I'm pretty sure it gets taken away at the end.

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I'm not sure what they stand for, and was hoping someone could clarify. The Crossed Sword symbol with the number shows up on most items as When I started the game I found this great masakiri axe that had a purple.

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The crossed swords are a paradox, in one breath signifying a staid union from the shambles of their ivory tower to remind us that swords symbolize dicks. to be Circle K) if you were a character in a SNES game cartridge.

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You can see the quintessential image of this on the original Star Wars poster. The sword aloft symbolizes courage, justice, and all the other.

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It is unknown where or when the crossed swords were first used as a symbol. Examples can be found throughout history including use in.

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Swords crossed as a saltire are seen in heraldry, either pointing upwards or downwards. The symbolism between the two orientations is quite different.