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Information about Marine worms including their biology, anatomy, behaviour, reproduction, predators, prey and ecology. Marine Worms - Annelids ( Segmented worms) Tube worm emerges to feed in the currents of Lau Lau Bay .

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The phylum includes earthworms, leeches, and marine worms known as Annelida - Segmented Worms Earthworms eat dead plants and animals.

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Annelidia - Annelids - Segmented Worms, Animal Groups Characteristics Polychaetes, mostly marine species, often with extended setae that form feed in this manner as do terrestrial earthworms which exist almost wherever there is soil.

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Segmented worms live in marine habitats such as the intertidal zone and near Most segmented worms feed on decaying plant materials.

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The relationship between the marine worm and its habitats is symbiotic. The coral reef thrives from the worm's eating, building, reproduction and excretion habits.

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Annelid, phylum name Annelida, also called segmented worm, any member of a distributed among three classes: the marine worms (Polychaeta), which are along the sides of the body, or on the pygidium in sedentary forms that do not live in . At the gastrula stage, earthworms begin to feed on the albumin, the embryo .

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Annelida is a group commonly referred to as segmented worms, and they found in nearly every marine habitat, from intertidal algal mats downwards. comprised of several thousand species, form a clade and should be referred to Most of these groups' members live in tubes and use their palps to feed in various ways.

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The annelids also known as the ringed worms or segmented worms, are a large phylum, with Scientists observe annelids to monitor the quality of marine and fresh water. Although blood-letting is used However, the genes that drive segmentation in arthropods do not appear to do the same in annelids. Arthropods and.

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Covers the main characteristics of segmented worms. Just like you, earthworms do have a brain. Their brains are much Besides the earthworm, the segmented worms also include leeches and some marine worms. Most segmented worms like the earthworm, feed on dead organic matter. Leeches.